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What Is A Recumbent Exercise Bike

recumbent bikeRecumbent bikes have steadily grown in popularity over the past few decades. Often considered as being one of the most effective machines for weight loss, these bikes position the user’s body in a very relaxed, reclining position- which is quite a stark contrast to the crouched positions which athletes have to adopt while using upright bikes. By this token, your body weight is very evenly distributed, hence providing a more ergonomic and virtually pain-free workout.

Plenty of people wonder what recumbent bikes are, which ones are the best and how they’re going to extend their natural drive to exercise. Addressing that is exactly why we made this website and the recumbent bikes you’ll find here are made by companies that are known to produce quality, affordable and good looking bikes.

While recumbent bikes often give the impression of burning less calories than their upright counterparts, they actually enable you to lose roughly the same amount of weight as you would with other models. This is because recumbent models draw several muscles of the body into the workout including the hips, thighs, calves, glutes and abdominal muscles. Athletes will be glad to learn that this promotes a rapid tone-up of the body, with particular focus on common problem areas. Indeed, with recumbent bikes, users can lounge back in wide bucket seats that extend their legs and keep them level to the floor.

Another popular feature that accompanies recumbent bike is the extended weight capacity. Because of its overall shape and size, these machines can generally accommodate users who weigh around 300 pounds or sometimes more, as is the case with the LCR Light Commercial, which can be quite advantageous because most machines usually limit themselves to around 250 pounds. This type of machine is known for its wide and comfortable pedals that very often come with non-skid features and straps to accommodate various shoe sizes. Because of this, such machines can be used for heavy-duty domestic or commercial purposes.

This type of bike is also known for encouraging more dynamic stretches than other pieces of fitness equipment. This therefore promotes an impressive calorie deficit of up to 900 calories per hour with the exact amount depending on factors such as your age, gender and weight. These types of equipment largely limit the risk of strains or injuries, especially because they take most of your body weight off your joints. This makes it quite appropriate for old people or anyone who suffers from mild disabilities. Because of its ergonomic shape, this machine also facilitates cooling-down after training which, in return, keeps aches and burns at bay. In fact, the comfort factor is one of the leading reasons why people chose to go for this type of bike. Because it hardly feels like exercise- but burns quite a lot of calories- the machine is present in nearly every gym or fitness center.

These apparatuses are often operated through weighted flywheels and various types of resistance systems, with Wind, Direct Friction and Magnetic being among the most popular. Much sturdier than upright ones, the bikes also require very little maintenance. They come in several price ranges, with some very affordable models, such as the best-seller Exerpeutic 900XL, making them affordable to people who are on restricted budgets. On the other side, more advanced models come packed with a wide array of comfort and convenience features, such as various tension levels, oversized pedals and display console to help you keep track of exercise-related information like calories burned, time elapsed and other such data, and one example of this is the Schwinn 270.