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What Muscle Groups Does a Recumbent Bike Work?

workout with recumbent bikeKnown for their exceptional effectiveness in weight loss management, recumbent bikes are often considered as one of the most popular fixtures in gyms, fitness centers and other similar health clubs. Not only is this machine extremely easy to use and operate- even for inexperienced users- but it also promotes rapid albeit safe weight loss and overall toning of your body.

Readily available in most stores, these exercise bikes are entirely suited to people of various fitness levels and price ranges, from the basic Exerpeutic 900XL to the more expensive Sole Light Commercial. More importantly, these machines are extremely solid and can very easily last for quite a few decades- if not for life- if properly cared for. They can also accommodate more weight capacity than upright ones, which is always an advantage if you’re overweight or if several members of the same household are planning on using it.

Contrary to other exercise equipment that often target just a mere couple of muscle groups, this particular machine is known for providing a practically all-body workout, while engaging all the major muscles. This piece of equipment does not only provide a massive improvement to your health and well-being but also leaves the user with strong and supple joints by actively drawing energy from the major muscle groups of your body. Indeed, a mere hour on the recumbent bike can very easily help you burn up to 900 calories.

For example, these stationary bikes are known for drawing the hip muscles into the workout- something which very few pieces of equipment can actually do. In fact, as users stretch their legs forwards to pedal, they also extend the hips, hence promoting weight loss in this particular region. Since women are mainly prone to fat accumulation on the hips, a regular training routine on recumbent bikes can be considered as an invaluable tool in their weight-loss regimen. Similarly, these machines can suit elderly individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease or arthritis to keep the hip muscles active and healthy with minimal effort.

With recumbent bikes, athletes can also expect to use their glutes during the entire duration of their workout. Another popular region for fat accumulation, these muscles are actively engaged during training whenever athletes extend or relax their legs. In fact, a recumbent cycling position can mimic the same movements and muscles engaged during more strenuous outdoors activities such as hill climbing or slope cycling. A major advantage is that, unlike these activities, users won’t be sore and achy afterwards thanks to the comfortable bucket seats and ergonomic position that the machine encourages.

Muscles in the upper legs and calves are also very actively drawn in a recumbent cycling workout. Specific muscles include the quadriceps and hamstrings. These types of bike are also known for their efficiency in engaging the abdominal muscles in the motions, which once again promotes a healthier figure. Abdominal fat is known as being the lead cause for medical issues such as diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular problems and the likes. By this token, recumbent machines can very easily keep such illnesses at bay, while improving your overall cardiovascular and lung functions.