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What to Expect in a Spinning Class

spinning classGuaranteed to enhance your cardiovascular and lung function, spinning is one of the most effective forms of exercises that an athlete can indulge in. While this particular exercise was relatively unknown a few decades ago, it did soar in popularity and has since become one of the most popular classes in gyms and other such training bases. Contrary to what most people believe, spinning is quite different from sitting and cycling on a regular stationary bike. The truth is that spin bikes require more effort and draw most of the muscles of your body into the workout, hence allowing you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

What to Do on Your First Class

If you’re a novice to this activity, it may not be an entirely bad idea to join a spin class. Fortunately, these classes are continuously growing in popularity and are available in nearly every fitness center. Novices are actually recommended to join a spin class first before deciding whether they want to buy their personal bike. Indeed, too many people tend to impulsively buy a spin bike before realizing that this type of machine is quite different from regular stationary bikes. Therefore, the first thing that you should expect from a spinning class is that everything is going to be quite fast paced. The instructor won’t slow down the entire class for a new addition but then again, it’s perfectly normal- and anticipated- to take the occasional pause, especially if you’ve never indulged in a spinning workout before. Don’t be tempted to push yourself just to follow the class: if you’re a beginner, it’s perfectly acceptable to workout to your own pace and conserve enough energy for your next workout.

Another thing that you can expect from your spinning class is that, far from sitting down and pedaling away for an hour, you might end up training both on and off the saddle. Unlike upright bikes, spin machines, such as the Schwinn Performance Plus, usually allow users to stand up and pedal, a posture that easily engages most major muscle groups into the workout. This has also been shown to maximize fat-blasting, which can be advantageous to anyone who wants to lose weight. Standing up can also help you to easily switch between climbing, sprinting and cruising. If you’re new, your instructor will probably advice you on the best cycling position for more effective workout. Remember that one leg should preferably remain at a 30-degree angle with the toes stroking the very bottom of the pedal stroke.

A spinning class will also guide you through interval workouts, whereby you occasionally alternate between high and low resistance. This prevents your body from adjusting to the same motions and boosts up your stamina. In fact, a high-intensity spinning class can help you lose up to 1000 calories per hour, with the exact amount depending on factors such as your weight, gender and fitness level. Best of all, since you will be training with others, you’ll be more motivated to challenge yourself and keep up